Martyn Pig

 “Things don't just happen, they have reasons. And the reasons have reasons. And the reasons for the reasons have reasons. And then the things that happen make other things happen, so they become reasons themselves. Nothing moves forward in a straight line, nothing is straightforward.”  

Martyn Pig is swimming in an unbearable life. It's not enough that
the kids at school make pork jokes, he has to come home afterwards
and deal with his alcoholic father and the fact that his mother
left years ago. There's his awful Aunty Jean, who is out to try to
prove that Martyn's father is unfit and to get Martyn to live with
her. To add insult to injury, he has a crush on his neighbour, Alex,
who's dating a real creep named Dean. Things can't get any worse,

The 1 Hour Performance is followed by a 1 Hour Workshop, which is tailor made for each school. This means you're in control. You decide on the workshop content and Top Box Productions will ensure that it is delivered!

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